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Milestones – Inception & Journey

Since 1995…

When your office is outdoors and your learnings are from outdoor experiences, the blissfulness that you experience is beyond words. 

Milestones was born during a trek in the Himalayas and out of curiosity to gather nature knowledge. Later, very consciously, passion for travel took over and turned into profession. 

We believe that it is the journey that matters more than reaching a destination, and in that journey, every milestone counts. 

As we say in Milestones: 

“Come, cross the milestones of your confinement”

Since its inception, Milestones has been facilitating Outdoor Experiential Learning  experiences that inculcate personal and overall growth and a sense of responsibility in students and travellers.

Through travel to new off-beat places and meaningful service, it is our vision to impart younger generation with the outdoor skills and help them build a connection with nature and surrounds. We encourage them to turn seekers and help community become sensitised towards ecology and its natives.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimentions.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes



Milestones allows you to contribute to and be a part of a larger group. As we travel, we find and develop community bonds with each other and, more broadly, with the people and cultures with whom we interact. These communities help us define ourselves and the things we value. On our programmes, we help participants to build the skills necessary to grow into involved and evolved being.

Milestones experience is a collective experience. We plan, execute, reflect and work together on service or community service projects, we support each other through challenging adventure activities and fun games, and reflect on the lessons that our shared experiences have to teach.

Milestones trip planning and execution allows authentic experiences. Our focus has always been engagement through activities which boost friendship, support, leadership, team bonding, goal setting with laughter. 



Safety is of paramount priority in everything that we do. It sets the standard in the industry.

The physical and emotional safety of our leaders and participants is of primary focus and in everything we do. Risk assessment is always on top priority for us. 

Here are some ways we support the physical and emotional safety of our staff and participants:

  • Attend a 07-day in-house staff training
  • Minimum of Basic and advance mountaineering or wilderness course from reputed Institutions. First-Aid  training is must for all trainers and instructors.
  • A comprehensive background check

With each trip as medical backup for any emergencies.

Through recee trips, Emergency Action Plans, evacuation routes, and relationships with local communities.

Like fencing, CCTV, Food Licenses, Fire NOCs and other environment NOCs.


The most powerful personal growth occurs as we approach and exceed the boundaries of our comfort zones. Our programmes intentionally provide opportunities for those who travel with us to face challenges in a supportive and positive environment so that they can gain more self-confidence, become resilient to adversity, and learn how to navigate difficulties they may face in the future.

We encourage each participants to opt-in to these challenging experiences, knowing that learning to face challenges in a safe place with support will help them develop the skills necessary to face whatever challenges they may encounter in the future.



“If you do the right, right will happen to you“

Our participants are the next generation of world. It is our hope and wish that our participants will go on to lead and inspire others to make the world a happier place. We wish to empower and engage youth to become better human beings within their communities and support efforts through service, social justice and sensitize others toward ecology. 

Our programmes are designed to develop qualities like creativity, team person, leadership and above all a better human being. Working together as a group, participants will  build relationships, communication and working with communities towards common goals.

Each participant gets the opportunity to step into a defined leadership role as leader of the Day. Participants also get to reflect on their experiences through group discussions and carefully-designed reflection activities.



At Milestones, we believe in meaningful services, when it comes to the ground. There is no such concept as “HALFWAY” services and every service project that we undertake is a complete commitment from our side. Not only do we commit ourselves completely, we believe in great detailing while making that delivery — from the beginning till the end — and ensure we carry a sense of pride and leave Smiles with people/community we engaged with.

We engage in service work that is community-driven. Our projects are defined and directed by the communities that we directly serve. We are committed to preserve and respect the environment, the lands and the cultures we visit. We only go where services are needed and where both people and place can benefit from our presence. With thought and consciousness, we engage and educate about service project.

For past 20 years, Milestones has undertaken service as a part of our programming because we believe that by participating in meaningful services is a powerful and evolving experience that encourages positivity and  youth development.

Meaningful service provides an opportunity to learn new skills, build new relationships with others, encourages selflessness, and develop a sense of pride and part of this planet family.

Facilitating such meaningful service programmes, we hope that those who travel with us will develop a passion for service that will live with them for the rest of their lives.



As Milestones, we walk besides communities all across and engage with them in meaningful, life-changing experiences. It is important for people to be exposed to various types of groups, perspectives, and experiences.

We know we still have much to learn and work on within our organisation and industry as a whole. We understand that therefore we try and remain in-tune with changing scenarios and new trends and make lasting, impactful changes as we love to meet any challenges head-on.



Milestones endeavours to sow the seeds for a sensitive, caring, sustainable and a happy world. Awareness of climate change, teach sustainability and services imparting skills and are the epicentre  to our programs. 

We have explored some of India’s most beautiful and remote places and recognise that our reliance on and use of these places has an impact. Thus, we have responsibilities to reduce our impact and footprint and encourage preserve these magical places for generations to come. Embracing to reduce your footprint on the environment is an important part of your growth and reflect that we care for the Earth. 

Our effort to instil, a deep respect for planet earth and provide a platform for how to care for and nurture the environment, both on outdoors and at home. 



Reflection is an engagement with self and becomes part of experiences.

We strive for active participants in their learning and growth. Reflection, application, and transference of skills. we always hope that a participants’ experience on on our trip ignites and pursuing of an interest in something they enjoy and passionate about whether it be service, adventure, trekking or travel. 

We all learn from experiences and that learning is more impactful when paired with internal reflection. Our programmes create space for our participants to reflect on their experiences throughout their journey. We encourage our participants to continue their journey of OUTDOOR – EXPERIENTIAL – LEARNING  and apply these in their lives.

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