Experiential Learning

“One learns by doing, not by learning to do”

Our participants are the next generation of world. It is our hope and wish that our participants will go on to lead and inspire others to make the world a happier place. We wish to empower and engage youth to become better human beings within their communities and support efforts through service, experiences amd sensitize others toward ecology. 

Our programmes are designed to develop qualities like creativity, team person, leadership and above all a better human being. Working together as a group, participants will  build relationships, communication and working with communities towards common goals.

As Milestones, we walk besides communities all across and engage with them in meaningful, life-changing experiences. It is important for people to be exposed to various types of groups, perspectives, and experiences.

We know we still have much to learn and work on within our organisation and industry as a whole. We understand that therefore we try and remain in-tune with changing scenarios and new trends and make lasting, impactful changes as we love to meet any challenges head-on.

Our programs are highly engaging and our strength to create an environment of engagement and involvement of all our participants – programs are designed in such a way that the experiential and engagement by involvement is natural. Activities, creativities, services, exchanges – all our program designed in a way that suit all ages from junior to seniors.

The very idea “carry something back” – a thought, an experience, sense of pride and a smiling happy memory.

Some Special Edition

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